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Bougainvillea Sun Hat

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Lightweight and delicately woven seagrass hat.

The crown is easily malleable to create your desired style. We recommend using any household steamer to shape the top of the crown to pop-out or curve slightly inward, depending on your style preference.

PLEASE NOTE: These hats are not packable. They are woven with delicate seagrass and will easily squish. If you are traveling by plane, please carry them on and carefully place them below an empty seat or safely in an overhead bin (where they will not be squished).

Brass grommets on each side designed for easily interchanging ribbons.

Hat Height: 7 in. / 17.8 cm.
Circumference: 24.5 in. / 62.2 cm.
Hat Brim Width: 4 in. / 10.2 cm.
Each hat comes with your choice of a solid-colored grosgrain ribbon. To purchase additional ribbons, click here. 
If you have a small head, this oversized hat style may not suit you. 

This hat is handwoven with fine seagrass, so there is natural color differentiation between the grass weaves.