For the past decade, I have been a writer and editor in New York City penning for House Beautiful, ELLE Decor, Veranda, Town & Country, Hamptons, Beach and more. It was an amazing experience to learn about and report on so many fashion and decor brands of all shapes, sizes, and styles. However, I honestly grew disenchanted with promoting the over-consumption of luxury goods for a living. I was conflicted: I love beautiful things and art history (decorative and fashion history included), but glamorizing wasteful, non-essential products started to hugely conflict with my ethics and love of our planet.

Right before COVID, I moved to the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda (this Texan is luckily married to a Bermudian, whose family shipwrecked in Bermuda in the 1600s!) and took some time off to realign my career values and brainstorm how I could make a living around inspirational, but not wasteful, shopping. 

In an effort to stop adding non-essential waste to our beautiful world, I am launching a collection made from antique, vintage, recycled, and biodegradable materials.

While I don't think calling a non-essential brand "sustainable" is possible (after all, nothing about the shipping process, even if using recycled packaging, goes without a carbon footprint!), I am committed to trying to be as sustainable as possible where I can. Which is why I chose biodegradable sun hats (these sun hat bodies are designed to disintegrate quickly in landfills), woven from sea grass and palm leaf and with vintage floral ribbons and made-in-USA grosgrain, as my original fashion collection concept.

I hope you enjoy your sun hats and take some time to soak up the sunshine!